Today everyone is talking about the end of the “age of darkness” and the beginning of a new Era. Everybody is giving all sorts of recommendations on what to do and lots of people around the world are putting their meditative efforts together to benefit from this happening and to connect with the Universe!
Well, I don’t know any truths, but I actually believe that if we incorporate these concepts into our everyday life, one day the world could really change into a better place.
So today, and tomorrow, and the day after, detached from any cabalistic premonition, I invite you all to look inside, and think about who you really are, not the image you have built for society, but the real essence within you.
Think about the concepts that have been imposed to you and if you really believe in them or if it is maybe a good time to change them for your own concepts, for your own values.
Make an effort to be positive with yourself and with others and switch negative ideas into positive ones; it is so different to say “I hate this or that” than saying “I prefer to avoid this or that”!
Try to be more compassionate and tolerant; open your heart to forgiveness and get rid of your fears.
Feel connected with the Universe; we are all equal and the real meaning of our lives is the same; we are a small but important part of the Universe.
Try to be in contact with nature and appreciate the value of simple things.
Don’t underestimate the power of your energy and believe that you can make a difference.
Happy 11.11.11…

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