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About Gods, Devas and Avatars …

The Hindu Pantheon is a place where myth and reality are perfectly mixed. It is not a place for punishment or prohibition, but a place where everything seems possible! I have always been fascinated by the aesthetics and dynamics of Hinduism Deities: the blue Gods with multiple arms riding bulls, eagles and tigers; the possibility of disguising just to conquer

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Virabhadrasana II – Warrior II / Asana series 3

I’m sure we all have our favorite Yoga postures; those postures that we crave for or that we just enjoy doing. Well, for me, Virabhadrasana II is among the top ones, together with Trikonasana (Triangle) and Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon). But today I want to concentrate on Virabhadrasana II also referred to as Vira II or simply Warrior II. I

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