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No, I’m not a food radical!

Kale is the new meat, the truth behind kale, bacon could be as bad for you as cigarettes, 10 reasons why you should eat meat, drink milk to get your calcium, why milk is bad for you, low-fat, coconut oil…. And the list goes on and on. There is so much contradictory information out there! On one hand there are

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Smoothie Anyone?

Feeling completely spoiled by my wonderful man on a Sunday morning! I loved his smoothie so much that I had to share the recipe with you!!! Ingredients Bunch of baby spinach Some alfalfa sprouts (take it easy with the quantity as the flavor is quite strong) 4 dry figs 1 teaspoon walnut butter 1 teaspoon black tahini paste 1 teaspoon

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Best Breakfast Ever – Chia Porridge

A lot of my clients and friends have been asking me for the chia porridge recipe, so I decided to share it here with my beautiful tribe!!! This is the basic recipe that you can adjust according to what’s in your fridge or why not, according to your cravings! Ingredients 1 portion chia seeds 3 portions of coconut water 1

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