Ancient Traditions, Common Principles

In the picture:  Joyce Thom
I love to see how different traditions around the world have developed from the same principles. It all basically comes to a difference in language but the essence is the same.
This year at the Asia Yoga Conference I took some Qi Gong classes as I have always been intrigued by the healing power of this ancient discipline. It is such a beautiful and powerful discipline where Prana becomes Qi but it is still the same living energy that keeps us moving. I don’t know if I also love it because of the flow of movement that connects me with my beloved vinyasa flow where breath and movement are one.
I feel blessed for having the chance to practice it at the conference with the guidance of beautiful Joyce Thom. Such a peaceful and powerful soul.
Joyce is the Founder and Director of The PATH and is passionate about sharing her 30+ years of experience in meditation, energy cultivation, and the healing arts. She teaches seminars around the world in consciousness studies, yoga, qigong, and traditional Asian therapies. Coming from the corporate world, Joyce emphasizes the importance of staying balanced, centered, and fluid so we can continue to be effective, creative, and radiantly healthy throughout our lives.
With her soft guidance we were able to breath in from the Earth (地 Di) and the Heaven (天
Tian), from the past to the future, from all the dimensions that exist and that we tend to take for granted; all with the simple and powerful purpose of balancing our energy in stressful situations. It was like finding kryptonite. There was such a cocktail of emotions in the room: silence, laughs, tears, fear, love…
After practicing with Joyce I was walking around with this huge positive protective energy bubble around me!
And as I said to Joyce that day, I say it to her again: “you are teaching us magic!” Thank you from the deepest of my heart! We all need strong antidotes to be able to cope with the challenges of this busy hectic world we live in today! I’m looking forward to another chance of practicing with such and inspiring teacher!
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Super Namaste! xx Sandra

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