Best Breakfast Ever – Chia Porridge

A lot of my clients and friends have been asking me for the chia porridge recipe, so I decided to share it here with my beautiful tribe!!!
This is the basic recipe that you can adjust according to what’s in your fridge or why not, according to your cravings!

1 portion chia seeds
3 portions of coconut water
1 portion of Greek yogurt or goats yogurt if you are off dairy

Mix all ingredients in an air tight container (leaving a little bit of room for it to grow) and let it rest for a few minutes. Mix well again and place it in the fridge over night. It is better to prepare the night before but when you don’t have time, you can mix it in the morning and take it to work with you; by the time you sit on your desk it will be ready to be enjoyed with some fresh fruit!
This recipe gives the consistency that I love, not too thick, not to liquid! You can experiment with the proportions until you find your favorite version!
Chia seeds are a yummy source of Omega-3 fatty acids that are great to your “good cholesterol”, they are rich in fiber and have great antioxidant power!
Give it a try and feel free to ask me questions if you are not getting the desired results!!!
Bon appetit!!!

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