Daydreaming or Meditation?

Have you ever observed people while they are riding the bus, the tram or the metro? Have you ever noticed how they look through you? Have you seen the expression in their faces while they seem to be fixing their entire lives? Well, that’s exactly how I looked like this morning while going to work on the #26 bus. I plunged into one of those stages where you totally loose contact with reality, with space, with time, with the people around you, and the moment I caught up with my self, I thought: can this be considered another form of meditation? If I think about the amazing relaxing effect, I’d say absolutely YES.
This feeling reminded me of a quite strong sensation I could experience during a Yoga Nidra practice and I want to share it with you.
While in India during my stay at Anand Prakash Ashram, I was attending a class with this amazing teacher that with his strong tone of voice and heavy accent began to lead us through a deep relaxation. At first I thought his voice was so loud and his accent was so funny that I was not going to be able to relax; however, I just let myself go.
He went along the entire body starting with the big toe of the right foot with a verse that with his strong Indian accent recited something like: “bring your awareness to the right big toe and reeeeeeelax”, followed by every single toe on the right foot, the ankle, going up the calf; and it was just after the right calf that I totally fell into what I thought was a deep and long sleep.
Immediately after I recovered my awareness feeling sorry for missing the entire relaxation, he said with the same loud voice: “bring your awareness to the right knee and reeeeeeelax”.
To my surprise, what felt to me like a very long time of total disconnection, was in real time only a couple of seconds. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And the sensation was even stronger when it happened again at the level of the right elbow.
I think this has been the deepest relaxation I’ve ever experienced in my entire life, and that feeling resembled a lot the sensation of daydreaming, when you loose all notion of reality.
Is this loosing track of time and space the sensation people feel when they practice deep meditation techniques? If you have been reading my Blog, you probably know that meditation is a tough cookie for me, and if the result is any close to this “daydreaming sensation”, I should definitely keep on trying.
In the meantime… well, maybe I just keep on… daydreaming!

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