Drink . . .

I have some great news to share with all of you! I’m incorporating Health Coaching and Nutrition into Yoga! So very soon I will be able to help people achieve their Health goals combining different aspects of their lives: career, exercise, relationships and nutrition!
I’d love to emphasize on Prevention as I’m a firm believer that we can highly improve our overall Health if we take better care of our full package (body & mind). And I’d also love to show people that Healthy is not necessarily dry and tasteless food and sacrifice, but it can be yummy and fun!
So to start with the basics, my advice for you today is: drink… Water!
No other liquid does for you what water does, even if I have to agree that a glass of wine sometimes does wonders, but you know what I’m talking about!!! And with this I don’t mean you can only drink water, but you should definitely make it the liquid you drink the most!
I used to be a huge Coke drinker; breakfast, lunch and dinner! Gross, I know! I could have 1 liter or more in one day! Until I decided to switch 100% to water! I can’t tell you it was an easy thing to do, but it was totally worth the effort! My digestion problems disappeared! And opposite to what you might think, I felt more energized than ever!
That was my first conscious attempt to do something healthy and good for my body, and it was so gratifying that it inspired me to try more things (that I’ll be sharing in other posts).
In terms of the appropriate temperature of the water to drink, I’d like to share with you two big cultural shocks I’ve had in my life. I grew up in Colombia, where I used to drink my water with lots of ice; then I moved to Italy where I basically had to beg to get a couple of ice cubes each time! I felt like a social outcast and it was quite disappointing at first, but slowly I discovered the pleasure of drinking my water room temperature even in the hottest summers.
That was like a transition time until I moved to Hong Kong where every where you go they only give you boiling hot water! The first time I touched the glass I thought they’ve made a mistake and forgot the tea bag! But not, that’s the way they drink it, and that’s the way I drink it now too!
They believe that your inner body temperature is hot and you shouldn’t take anything colder than the temperature inside your body because it is a shock that creates unbalance and illness. It was a real shock for my mind at first, as we drink hot water in Colombia only to induce vomit!!! But I have to say that my body took it really well!
You’ve probably heard that hot water helps you digest fats easier and it totally makes sense to me! Put oil in the fridge and see what happens! You definitely don’t want that happening inside your precious body!
Well friends, that’s it for today, I’m feeling thirsty! Gotta go and top up my cup with nice hot water!
More Health and Nutrition posts will be coming, so stay tuned!

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