Going deeper into your Yoga practice

People often misunderstand or simply don’t know that Yoga practice is not only about asana (Yoga postures).
There are many Yoga paths and each of them emphasizes in different aspects of the being and a complete Yoga practice includes all of them one way or the other.
I never try to force any of these concepts into my students, as different people look for different things in their practice and a search to go deeper should come naturally.
Today I want to share some of these Yoga paths with you and it will be then your choice weather to incorporate them into your practice or not.
Jnana YogaUnion by knowledge: it is the path of spiritual knowledge and wisdom where the intellect goes beyond superficial ignorance and illusion preventing us from seeing only our ego.  This path is reinforced with the practice of meditation
Bhakti YogaUnion by love & devotion: this is the path of love, devotion and worship performed in a meditative or contemplative manner without egoism or expectation of rewards
Karma YogaUnion by action & service: is the path of selfless action and service where we give without any expectations, without any attachment to the results
Raja YogaUnion by mental mastery: is a practice that works upon the mind to refine it and perfect it.  Raja Yoga is the highest state of consciousness

There is also: Mantra Yoga – Union by voice & sound (that I personally LOVE); Yantra Yoga – Union by vision and form; Kundalini Yoga – Union by arousal of latent psychic nerve-force; Tantric Yoga – Union by harnessing sexual energy; and the most known by all of us Hatha Yoga – Union by bodily mastery.
I hope this might give you a few tools to build your own daily practice. Because to be devoted to yoga you don’t necessarily have to be on your mat for an hour every single day! It goes beyond that!
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Xx Sandra

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