Guru Wanted!

Sometimes when we look for practical solutions we end up sacrificing our true nature.
Since I started with my new job a few months ago, I chose what I thought would be the most convenient place for my yoga practice (one block away from my office).
At first it was ok as everything was new and it was really convenient, but then, after novelty settled down I couldn’t take it anymore.
Teachers were very good, but not for me, not for what I expect from Yoga. I definitely can not stand what I call “gym Yoga”. I can’t enjoy a practice where the only scope is to stand on the head and do splits without even having the chance to establish the connection body and mind!
Just for you to get an idea of what I am talking about: imagine getting into a room completely packed with people where the mats are 20 centimeters away from each other; surrounded by people with no concept of personal space where you feel your neighbor’s hand almost touching your nose when bringing the arms up on a sun salutation; a room with not enough air where you literally feel that you are breathing each other; a class where you finish physically exhausted but with not deeper transformation.
And you might think it is not the teacher, it is you, but believe me, I tried from the deepest of my being to arrive with an open heart and practice with my eyes closed trying to find that connection with my practice, but the energy was missing, and I’m not talking about the energy you might feel at a boot camp, I’m talking about something deeper.
I felt that I needed to search for a Guru!
I was ready to breach the contract with this place even if that meant loosing money, when I saw a new teacher name on the schedule and I decided to give it a try.
And there he was! Beautiful centering where he was teaching us amazing concepts of Yoga that go beyond the mere asana practice. At that moment I was sure this was going to be great! Finally, someone that was teaching real Yoga! I had a big wide smile during the entire class! I could finally find someone that teaches with compassion and that goes deeper than the physical practice.
Each class he has a message, he guides us to overcome ego and deepen into the practice within our own limits. He encourages us to challenge ourselves not for the sake of the postures, but for what is happening inside!
This experience was a reminder that the Universe always gives you the answers, you just need to keep your eyes open not to miss them.  He was right there and I found him! And now I’m learning so much from him! THANK YOU UNIVERSE!
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In the meantime, enjoy your practice!

xx Sandra

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