Is there an elephant in class?

Today I want to bring a reflexion about Uyajji breath.
Uyajji breath is a beautiful yogic breathing technique that helps you make the best out of your breath and at the same time facilitates a wonderful meditative state during your yoga asana practice. 
What you basically do is to contract the epiglottis during your inhalation and your exhalation making a soft hissing sound that should be perceptible ONLY TO YOU!
Uyajji has an amazing calming effect on the brain when people do it properly, but when people are almost snorting in a subtle competition of whose Uyajji is louder, it has the contrary effect. I wonder how hyperventilated these people are after a yoga class when they breath their lungs in and out just for the sake of being loud and noticed. Never forget that yoga is an inner practice!
So, I’d like you to think for a moment and try to check on how your Uyajji sounds! Experiment a little bit with it! And try to find that tone that brings bliss to you allowing your neighbors to get there too!
Ah! And one last note: you should not Uyajji in Savasana unless specifically requested by your instructor! The beauty of Savasana is the possibility of just LETTING GO!
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In the meantime, take a nice deep breath in!!!
xx Sandra

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