Keeping a Quiet Heart – A Secret for Long Health?

Following my last post “Nothing is permanent. About aging pains” I’d like to elaborate about the concept of keeping a quite heart for long health.

So, how do we keep a quite heart? Was the 256 year old man referring to the physical or the emotional heart?
I guess that to have a strong impact on our long health we should keep both hearts quite.
To me, the physical organ, and the “ethereal heart” (where we feel emotions) are not only tightly linked, but have a strong influence on each other and on our overall health. I know this sounds like esoteric BS but well, what can I do… I can’t help it but believing in universal connection and all that stuff.
If we don’t take good care of our physical heart, we become weak and susceptible to illness. A healthy heart has to be strong yet bit at a quite steady pace -not too fast, not too slow. And when it comes to the ethereal heart, I would dare to say that the negative effects of a neglected heart could be even stronger. If we don’t deal with emotions in a healthy way they can crush us and make our bodies sluggish and sick.

#1. The Physical Heart:

high blood pressure, stress, smoking, bad cholesterol, and a sedentary lifestyle have a damaging effect.
Moderate exercise, a healthy diet (rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low in saturated fats), moderate alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, good sleep, and managing stress are some of the ways we can support our heart’s health.
In terms of nutrition, here are a few foods that can be quite beneficial for the heart function: oats that lower LDL (bad cholesterol), salmon with omega-3 to reduce blood pressure and clotting, avocado that increases HDL (good cholesterol), nuts that are a great source of good fats, berries that are anti-inflammatory, legumes that are rich in fiber and omega-3, and flax seeds that have a good balance of omega-3, omega-6 and fiber.

#2. The Ethereal Heart:

sadness, grief, resentment, envy, attachment, jealousy, greed, anger, anxiety, fear, doubt, shame, and guilt are all negative emotions that eat our souls alive. When we let negative feelings take over, we can’t sleep, we can’t breath, we can’t eat, we can’t function within health. The effects can be quite devastating.
That is why it is fundamental to incorporate meditation or any other spiritual practice into your life, practice forgiveness, self love and learn how to deal with your emotions.
And believe it or not, nutrients also support our emotional balance, but there is no universal formula here. The best way to discover what foods enhance your mood and what foods give you the blues, is to keep a food diary for a few weeks where you write down what you eat and drink throughout the day and how you feel before and after.

Well my beautiful tribe, this is my take on the concept of keeping a quite heart. What about you? how do you keep a quite heart?

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