No, I’m not a food radical!

Kale is the new meat, the truth behind kale, bacon could be as bad for you as cigarettes, 10 reasons why you should eat meat, drink milk to get your calcium, why milk is bad for you, low-fat, coconut oil…. And the list goes on and on.
There is so much contradictory information out there! On one hand there are many misinformed people sharing shallow information and promising to save the world with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), and on the other hand there is a nutrition guerrilla avidly waiting for the next good review on a certain food for them to demonize it!
So where is the truth? What should we eat ? Who should we follow? With all the different trends out there, that are becoming like cults, we find ourselves cornered and we just loose faith!
When I see a lot of these contradictory advises, I end up sabotaging my self… And I indulge… And that makes me feel… free!
And then I realize that this feeling of freedom comes from BALANCE.
So yes, probably bacon can kill you if you eat only bacon, or if you eat it every day, but if you enjoy a nice quality strip of bacon here and there, you shouldn’t be afraid. Yes, because everything in excess can harm you, even the good old spinach or the fancy new kale!
But be careful, with this I don’t mean to deny that there are certain foods that shouldn’t even be called food and that are really harmful to your body; or the fact that we are all individuals with different bodies, different health conditions and different sensitivities!
So, with this reflection, I invite you to find your happy Balance! This is healthier for your body and certainly for your soul!
Free yourself from being a food radical! Life is short and healthy eating should aim for a better quality of life, not for an eternal one!
Xx Sandra

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