Not always when your heart hurts you are having a heart attack

Today I have more questions than answers! And I think this is a very positive state to be at as it makes you go beyond reality and it demands a lot of patience. Most of the time we try so hard to seek for answers that we are blinded! We should just relax and have faith because the answers are always there!
I’ve always wonder how the concept of feeling with the heart began. At what moment humanity began loving with the heart? I heard sometime, somewhere that Love was invented on the 17th century, but I think this concept dates from far before!
Ancient yoga already knew about our heart chakra (Anahata Chakra) being the center of our emotions! The Heart chakra governs our ability to love others and ourselves unconditionally.  This chakra is mega full of powerful energy that we tend to underestimate!
I wonder… do imbalances in our emotional heart hurt our physical heart? or is it the other way around? Where is this emotional heart really located? Is it in our heart? Is it in our head, in our belly?
Something I’m absolutely convinced of is that our emotions are definitely linked with our overall health.  Many of the modern illnesses are in direct proportion with our emotions.
Do you do anything to keep your emotional heart healthy? Or do you concentrate on your physical heart?
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Xx Sandra

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