Nothing is permanent… About aging pains

Hell if I know about aging these days. I’ve entered a new stage in life where I’ve been challenged not only physically but also emotionally.
As we grow older we have to deal with, face and most important, accept: CHANGE. We have to adjust our diet, lifestyle and routines and stop aiming to have the same body for the rest of our lives (concept that is quite difficult for a person that like me has been lucky enough to keep looking considerably young for her age). And let’s not even talk about the hormonal imbalances that come with this package just for the simple fact of being a WOMAN.
And then all of a sudden and when you need it the most, you find an article on a magazine, or a comment from a friend, or a clip on TV that talks straight to you making you question and see things in a different way.
So this is what I’ve bumped into recently, and I’m sure it will keep me busy for a while:
Story says, that there was a man that lived until he was 256 years old, and before he died he revealed the secret to his long health:
Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog
Stroke by this wisdom, and specially about the idea of a tortoise sitting (I didn’t even know tortoises could sit), I searched and found a few interpretations of the meaning of these words but decided to seek my own. Therefore, today I begin my journey to understanding What these words mean to me and why they touched me. I’ll embark on an exploration of how this can be achieved while living in the hustle of a city like Hong Kong, with a busy busy life, not because I’m aiming to live for 256 years, but just because I always love learning ways to live my short long life better.
Stay tuned and let’s explore together.
Super Namaste,

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