Juicing Workshops

Juicing Workshops

You can improve your life!

Juices have been used for centuries by healers of all traditions: Ayurveda in India, the ancient Greeks and Romans, Polynesian and Peruvian cultures. Juices have been recognized not only for their healing benefits but also for their power to maintain health.

In modern times, we are exposed to many chemically contaminated and genetically altered foods grown in depleted toxic soil that lack nutritional value. This has been linked with health issues like heart disease and cancer. Preparing fresh juice from organic fruits and vegetables you can regain your natural health. The body’s nature is health, but due to our environment we have altered that reality.

Let the food be your medicine as wise Hippocrates stated long ago!!!


Have you heard about juicing and green smoothies but you don’t know where to start?

Come to my juicing workshop and learn how to incorporate amazing liquid energy into your life.

You will learn:
– why juicing & blending is important for your health
– difference between juices and smoothies
– what’s with the greens
– juicing and super-foods
– GI (glycemic index)
– natural sweeteners
– easy tips to make your juicing easier
– juicers & blenders

You will be able to taste some yummy juices and smoothies and will take home great easy recipes!



Get a group of friends, neighbors or your
colleagues at work to enjoy this great
Juicing Workshop in the comfort of your
own home.

The workshop can also be arranged at a
different location.

Duration 3 hours

HKD500 per person
(minimum 6 people)



This workshop is run a few times a year
in Clear Water Bay. Sign up to my
Newsletter to get updates about future

Duration 3 hours

HKD500 per person

What Clients Say

Vivian Guan,
Yoga Instructor

I have been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for the last few years and my digestive tract was always weak. Certain medicine has given some relief, but nothing goes for a long lasting effect. Sandra's juicing workshop has changed my life - for good! The workshop has opened my eyes for a natural and authentic way to healing. 'Let food be thy medicine', which makes great sense to me. It provides good knowledge and lots of inspiration about juicing. What I really appreciate is Sandra made the implementation part so simple and easy, that I could get out of my lazy bones and do it. And the good motivation is that my gut is getting happier day by day, much less occasion of pains, bloating, inflammation and other unpleasant feelings. Instead, I often feel easy, clean and fresh in my belly. It also helped me to quit my coffee, as there are so many more delicious options to give great and long lasting energy to my body that I could actually enjoy more of what I do everyday. My mind feels a lot more refreshing, easier to be calm and centered. Now when I wake up in the morning, I can't wait to make a good glass of juice or smoothie for myself and my family. My husband has also reduced his coffee consumption ever since and my boy loves his 'Dinosaur Juices'!
And the best part is - it is so much FUN!! Sandra, really like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the great inspirations, knowledge and fun. It has made a great change for me and my family. Love.

Shiao Kuan Maddox,
Head of Wellness and Holistic Health Care, Hong Kong

Sandra Carvajal has conducted several workshops for the cancer patients at Cancer Link Central.
Her in-depth knowledge on health and nutrition has helped and appreciated by many of our users. Her juices and smoothies are nourishing, presentable and tasty. And most important, Sandra serves with a generosity and sincerity. We are grateful for all the service she has done for us.

Lakshmi Harilela,
Founder at love true food ltd. , Hong Kong

I hosted Sandra at love true food kitchen for several juicing classes. Sandra is extremely knowledgeable about juicing and was able to transfer her expertise and knowledge about juicing to all of my clients; all of whom absolutely loved her style of teaching.
I would highly recommend Sandra as a expert on the subject and regard her as energetic, passionate and detail orientated. I've learnt something new at all get workshops and revel in having her back again.