Juicing & Yoga to the rescue

Juicing & Yoga to the rescue

Available only in Hong Kong

This is not a Detox program; it is a Natural Cleansing and Recharging Weekend in the comfort of your own home. With this retreat you will learn how to give your system a break to reboot your health. Two days of nutritious juices & smoothies, complemented with yoga & meditation. You will get valuable information about ingredients and Healthy Leaving.

When you book for this Retreat, I will send you detailed instructions on how to prepare yourself before so you can get the best out of it . During the 2 days retreat I will be coaching you to improve your lifestyle. This retreat is the first step int o a Healthier Lifestyle. Contact me for detailed information. This program gives you the option to have only juices or to incorporate light salads (which I highly recommend).

This Retreat is designed for 2 people (couples, friends, neighbors), and it includes:
– 5 juices per day
– Free flow Herbal tea
– 2 yoga classes per day
– Meditation
– Documentary viewings (about healthy living and healthy eating)
– 1 follow up session
– Easy recipes of Juices and Smoothies to incorporate in you daily routine

HKD 1800 per person / per day


What Clients Say

Jose Olivares, Projects Director, BUZ Design, Hong Kong
Tim Tremmel, Teacher, English School Foundation - ESF, Hong Kong

"Our intention with the program was to increase our knowledge about healthy foods, juices, smoothies, beginners yoga and in general to bring more healthy food options in our daily life. The initial introduction that Sandra did of the DETOX program gave us a lot of valuable information. We enjoyed the yoga classes and they also helped us with the aches we had during the detox and they definitely lifted our mood! The documentaries were very educational. The juices were great, they had very distinct tastes, it was a good variety, and we never felt hungry. We appreciated the time and effort gone into them and also the cost! The Indian smoothie and the cocoa one were of course our favorites.
This program has certainly given us a lot to think about in terms of food and what we are eating regularly. We have discussed it many times and are determined to make many changes in our diet and to stretch more often! We found not drinking tea very tricky at first but it was interesting to note that in day two we didn't miss it. We feel very grateful after doing the program with Sandra and we would highly recommend it to anyone aiming to give their body a break."