Such a Pain in the @&#

Are you sick and tired of that permanent, annoying and irritating pain in the back, shoulders or neck?
If sometimes it feels like you have a heavy monkey hanging from your shoulders, or that your neck has been surrounded in heavy cement, you might just be avictim of stress.
Unless you have a physical condition or an injury, most of the times stress can trigger not only muscular pain, but it can also mess around with your digestion and in general with your state of mind creating serious problems like migraines, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, and a very important one with really bad consequences in the long term: it can lower your immune system.
Well, let me tell you something, you have the inner power to tame the beast!You just have to learn how to use it! I always tell my yoga students that they need to learn how to fool their brain on their favor!
I know we are all different and that there are many ways people try to get rid of stress: running for an hour, going to the gym, lying down doing nothing, and even drinking until there is no more consciousness to perceive anything. And of course there is yoga that has that additional ingredient of mindfulness and meditation that helps you train the mind for a real long lasting effect!
People have this idea of meditation as only sitting in lotus pose aiming for a blank mind! But that’s not the only form of meditation. When you practice yoga you keep the awareness on your breath, and you stay focused on each single part of your body to perform the different postures. Therefore, at the same time that you are physically moving, you are mentally engaged!
That’s why yoga has such an amazing effect in your nervous system! Yoga goes further than standing on the head and being super flexible… That’s actually the least! The most important part is that connection between your body and yourmind! Which is a magic formula to de-stress!
I absolutely love it when I see my students arrive to class with a tense face, clenching teeth, pale and with those stressed puffy eyes that look through you, not at you, and then at the end of the class they open those same eyes with a natural and relaxed expression! It feels like I have just performed an exorcism! And I know they are grateful with themselves for taking the time for this nice transformation!
The important thing is to work on a daily basis to keep stress under control!
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Well, in the meantime I live you with this inspiring words that have helped me a lot with stressful or difficult situations in the past: “when facing a problem always think: does it have a solution? If the answer is yes, then there is not need to worry about it; if the answer is no, then there is no need to worry about it“.

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