When the evil twin takes over – The joy of being unhealthy

A client once told me: “with your Health Coaching Program I learned that I can fall out of track because I now know the way back”!
You might wonder why I’ve been so silent lately and I’m here to open up with you, my beautiful tribe, because I’m sure many of you will totally relate to what I’m going through, and it might even inspire you to move on.
Due to a combination of factors that have touched in a very negative way what I call my primary foods (relationships, professional life, exercise, xxxx), I have fallen into a vicious, almost self destructive, lifestyle. I’ve been letting stress rule my life, and the consequences have pushed me to the bottom. I have reached the limit and feel the urge to reinvent myself.
And as my health coach says (yes, I also have an amazing supportive health coach) “I need  to re-find what I already know”!
But why is it so difficult to break free from unhealthy patterns even when you know how good it feels to be on the other side? Is it a genetic trait of being human? This is something I’ll never understand!
As you might know, I advocate an 80/20 lifestyle (80% healthy, 20% indulgence). But this experience showed me that you can only allow yourself that naughty 20 when you are strong. In moments of weakness the formula should be more a 99/1 because you are so vulnerable that the evil twin can totally take over!
I’d love for you to follow me on my journey back to balance, to stand by my side and learn together how amazing is to take back control of your life and your emotions.
My starting point will be a yoga retreat for 4 days to reset the connection with what I dearly love: yoga, the beach, the ocean, good food, and the company of a dear friend!
I’m usually here for you, and today I need you to be here for me!
Heaps of LOVE, Sandra

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  1. Jane Alexander
    10 hours ago

    I hear you, loud and clear. It’s a question I’ve been asking a lot lately too, this question of self-sabotage. In fact, I’ve just finished writing a feature on it for Psychologies mag. There’s an interesting book by a woman called Gretchen Rubin – Better than Before – Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives. She says that people are divided into two camps – moderators and abstainers. The moderators are the type who will have a glass of wine and leave the rest in the fridge; abstainers would just glug the lot. So that, she says, is part of the reason why 80:20 won’t work for everyone. I’m in the abstainer camp – I can give up anything entirely but can’t do moderation.
    Also read another interesting book called Taming your Outer Child by Susan Anderson – she reckons that the reason we ‘lose it’ in whatever form that may be is because our Outer Child just takes over and…pooof!…there goes our self-control. Interesting argument…she says that while the Inner Child is your inner four or five year old, the Outer Child is like your inner rebellious teen who sticks two fingers up at the rules. Cause of an out of control Outer Child? She says it’s abandonment, whether real, perceived, inner or outer. Interesting stuff.
    But anyhow, yes, let’s get back on track, huh? xxxx

    1. Sandra Carvajal
      4 hours ago

      I think it is like a wheel! A cycle of life!!! From “good” to “bad” and sometimes even touching deep down, and picking yourself up again!!!!

  2. sikis izle
    4 hours ago

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    1. Sandra Carvajal
      2 hours ago

      Thank you for your comments! Everything is build from the heart to inspire people and make a better world!


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