Where is my Pitta going?

I’ve been feeling lately that my Pitta is almost… gone, and I’m becoming more of a Kapha! Will it be temporary? Will it be permanent?
Well, first of all for those of you that might be thinking that I’m loosing my bread, or that I might be joining a weird sorority, let me tell you what I’m talking about.
In Ayurveda (ancient Indian holistic system), it is believed that the universal life force manifests as three different energies called doshas, and we are all made out of a unique combination of these three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). These forces determine our nature and the proportion of each of them can fluctuates throughout our life depending on many factors like age, diet, environment,…. When our doshas get out of balance it affects our health and energy level, having also strong effects on our temper (tell me about it!).
I will briefly describe the main characteristics of each dosha for you to have a better idea of how it works.
Vata is changeable… Vata people are the skinny ones in the picture, with thin lips, dry skin and dry hair but quite energetic, lively and flexible. They love living their lives on the edge and have very creative minds. Since they have a cold nature they need to stay warm. When Vata is out of balance people become erratic and anxious, can get constipated and might even loose some weight. If there is something wrong, they tend to take all the blame.
Pitta is intense… do you know how red haired people are perceived as fiery-tempered? Well, let me tell you that Pittas are the redheads of the situation. They are medium size and well proportioned, have warm body temperature and good digestion. Pittas are pretty sharp and good at keeping the concentration. Since it is a fire nature, they can be rather sensitive to hot weather and sun light. When they’re out of balance you better stay away from them as they can become quite short-tempered, challenging, jealous and judgmental. In difficult situations they are inclined to blame others.
Kapha is relaxed… chilled and slow motion kind of people. Kapha body structures are large and heavy and can hold higher levels of stamina. Being a slow nature they tend to eat and speak s l o w l y. Kaphas can be very calm and affectionate when they are in balance, but they can also be really stubborn and lazy when out of balance. In moments of stress they are the ones avoiding, they don’t even want to know whose fault it was!
Now that you have a better idea of what I’m talking about I can tell you that, my Ayurvedic nature that used to be mostly Pitta with a high percentage of Vata, is turning lately into a big deal of Kapha. And even if I know the Ayurvedic nature changes throughout our lives, it bothers me because I just don’t feel like myself. Instead of my favorite Vinyasa classes that used to leave me full of vibrating energy, I’m choosing “grandma’s style” Yoga classes where the hardest posture is… sukhasana (cross leg position).
… I miss the sparkle of Vata combined with the sharpness of Pitta that kept me moving, searching, creating… I whish I have lost my sensitiveness to hot weather, but not, that is a strong characteristic of Pitta that will probably torture me for the rest of my days (I can’t imagine what my menopause will be – sigh -)!
The question is: should I try to change things to find my Pitta/Vata nature again? Is it just that they are out of balance? Or, is it that the time has come for me to accept a new nature? If they can even fluctuate throughout the day, throughout the seasons and throughout life, how are we supposed to find the balance between the three doshas?
Before I give up, I’m definitely giving it a try to find my Pitta/Vata balance and see if it is not yet the time for a change of nature.
At this point you might be wondering how I will be able to do that! Well, I’ll follow the suggestions of the Ayurveda tradition. I’ll start watching what I eat, the physical activities I do, and the mental stimulus I get.
Since it is recommended to put more emphasis in balancing your dominant dosha, I should start working on my Pitta first. I should choose cooling activities like swimming; try not to overload my day and leave enough time for rest; in terms of what I eat, since Pitta is an overheating dosha, I better take cool and sweet foods and liquids (diary products, rice and wheat are highly recommended).
And to balance my Vata I will have to take some time to meditate (hmmm, tough one), and try to have a regular routine (going to bed and waking up early, and eating at regular times). I gotta practice more grounding postures, and grounding activities in general like hiking, bicycling, and dancing (this one won’t be difficult at all!). Regarding food, since Vata is dry, cool and light, it is better to eat oily, warm and heavy foods; favor sweet, salty and sour rather than bitter; eat the veggies cooked instead of raw.
Let’s see if it works, otherwise I’ll just have to take the road of acceptance (that sometimes can be quite difficult for me).

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