Work to Live or Live to Work?

Are you happy or miserable in your job?
Career is a very important aspect of our lives and having balance is a must!
I graduated as an industrial designer and worked for many years as a fashion designer, and when I enrolled in a master’s degree in marketing I realized how lucky I was as I was probably the only one in my class that really enjoyed working. Most of my classmates have chosen their careers based on how much money they could earn, and even if there is nothing wrong with planning for a better future, it is important to choose something that is your passion! I remember a classmate telling me: “you are so lucky you do a job you love! I wish I had followed my heart instead of my brain! I should have been a DJ” and he probably should have!
I know sometimes it is not that simple and you have to make certain choices, butno matter what you choose, make whatever it takes for you to enjoy your job. If you can’t achieve this, then consider a change!
I know this is a very difficult decision to make. Sometimes we let society dictate the way we act. But who says we have to stick to the same career forever? If you find all of a sudden that you prefer to be a photographer instead of a doctor, what is wrong with that? I’d say: follow your heart!
And if circumstances do not allow you to do so, and if you can’t even change jobs, then change the way you do your job, reinvent yourself at your workplace and gain some time while you can move on!
So really take a moment and think about it and do all the necessary changes to make of your job something that you love.
Think about it!
XX Sandra
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