Private Yoga

Private Yoga

Yoga classes are designed according to your personal strengths and limitations

Private Yoga classes (one-on-one or small groups) can be arranged during evenings or weekends, in the comfort of your own home or office (a studio can be rented upon availability).  Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin.

Vinyasa: In this practice, the Asanas (postures) flow with the breath. It is a more dynamic approach to Yoga. Class starts with a gentle warm-up that incorporates Pranayama (breathing), followed by the Vinyasa to keep your body flowing and finishes with some exercises that cool your body down and prepare it for a final relaxation. Vinyasa creates heat in your body, increasing your circulation and encouraging sweating, which purifies the entire body. It also improves flexibility.

Hatha: Traditional Yoga practice that balances mind and body using Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing), relaxation and light meditation. Hatha has a very relaxing effect that helps us to manage stress levels, especially in Hong Kong’s hectic environment. 

Yin: While other Yoga practices work on the more superficial tissues like muscles and the skin, Yin is a deep restorative practice in which Asanas (postures) are held longer to work on the connective tissues and joints.  Yin Yoga improves posture and mobility and enhances self awareness.

HKD900 per one hour class (transportation surcharge might apply for some locations)
5 class package upfront payment 10%discount (to be used within 2 months)